BakuBuild - Exclusive projects for individual orders

Exclusive projects for individual orders



Claudio Monza Compagnoni, a spokesman for Franco Monzio Compagnoni S.r.l.

 - For over a century Franco Monzio Compagnoni S.r.l. has been a famous family business for the production and restoration of furniture. Traditionally we work in the Luxury segment and specialize in the Boulle furniture patterns. My ancestors began with the restoration of antique furniture, and today we are also engaged in the creation of high-end furniture. Our furniture is very expensive. In particular, the cost of the table which is showcased at this exhibition is 20,000 Euro! This is due primarily to the fact that all of our handmade furniture created from expensive materials - gold-plated bronze, high-quality leather, tortoise shell, and others.

In addition, I myself am an architect. I am engaged in the creation of interiors and style in which our technology is applied. All these designs are exclusive and designed according to individual orders. We adhere to the old style in manufacturing furniture sets for those who admire the old style.

 This is the first time that we are participating in the BakuBuild exhibition. We have come here on the advice of our Italian colleagues who visited this event before and are already operating in Azerbaijan. We adhere to the idea that such a product can not be sold through catalogues - there should be a live presentation. Exhibitions are the best place to meet this goal.