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25th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition
22 - 25 October 2019 Baku Expo Center

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Visitors Loyalty Programme

Dear Visitor

We are pleased to announce the Visitors Loyalty Programme. This programme allows exhibition visitors to purchase products and services from exhibitor companies AGZ and Nabucco at a valuable discount, specially designed for you as a guest at the participant's stand.

How it works?

While registering at the exhibition, you have received a visitor's badge and, along with it, the Visitors Loyalty Programme where you can find the logos of exhibitor companies participating in the programme. These companies are ready to provide their products and services at a special discounted price for you.

To activate this service:

1. Select the company / product / service that interests you and enter the numbers on your badge’s barcode 
2. You will then receive the voucher in your e-mail; this voucher must be presented at the time of purchase of goods or services, either a print-out or on your device. The voucher will allow you to purchase a product or service with your personal discount. These discounts are valid during the exhibition and for a period of six months after the exhibitions