Product Categories

Construction materials:

  • Cement, concrete, mixtures, finishing materials
  • Brick, building blocks
  • Wood materials and products / doors, windows, accessories
  • Ceramic tiles, stone
  • Floor coverings
  • Paints, varnishes, impregnations, coatings, wallpaper, building chemistry
  • Glass, building plastic


Sanitary Ware:

  • Wall tiles for bathroom and kitchen
  • Sanitary ceramics and sanitary ware
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Showers and hydromassage cabins
  • Accessories for the bathroom and shower


Roofing and insulation:

  • Roof (metal tile, polymer-sand tile, ceramic, bitumen, polymeric, etc., slate, corrugated board, etc.)
  • Waterproofing materials
  • Heat-, sound-proof materials
  • Drains


Interiors. Decoration materials. Design

  • Wallpapers
  • Wall panels
  • Ceilings and ceiling systems
  • Floorings: parquet, laminated, cork, wooden, glass
  • Carpets and carpeting
  • Doors and locks
  • Stairs
  • Fireplaces
  • Natural and artificial stone
  • Lighting
  • Curtains, cornices, blinds
  • Decorative textiles
  • Interior items and decor
  • Interior solutions. Design


Paints, varnishes and coatings

  • Interior paints
  • Decorative coatings
  • Facade paints
  • Industrial paints and technologies
  • Powder coatings
  • Varnishes and protective coatings
  • Primers and putties
  • Equipment for painting


Landscape architecture and design:

  • Small architectural forms
  • Alpine hills
  • Flower beds and flower gardens
  • Reservoirs
  • Stony gardens
  • Stairs and steps
  • Communication systems
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Garden equipment, equipment and inventory
  • Equipment for outdoor lighting
  • Planting material


Cottages (Wooden houses. Log buildings. Frame houses. Baths. Pergolas)


Facades, Windows, Doors:

  • Window, plastic, PVC and glass technology
  • Facade materials and technologies
  • Fences, gates and automation systems
  • Doors


Construction equipment and technologies:

  • Engineering of constructions
  • Metalworking machines
  • Welding equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Machines and special equipment
  • Compressor equipment
  • Instruments
  • Fasteners
  • Equipment for the production of building materials
  • Drilling equipment
  • Concrete mixers
  • Equipment for finishing and construction works
  • Instrumentation in construction
  • Auxiliary building structures


Rolled metal products:

  • Metal structures, frameworks and systems in construction (sandwich panels, full-height buildings)
  • Steel galvanized corrugated board, carrying metal structures (columns, beams, trusses, ties, girders)
  • Rolled metal products


Ecological building:

  • Energy Saving Technologies
  • Alternative heat, water, power supply


Construction and special equipment:

  • Bulldozers, excavators, loaders, digging and leveling machines, asphalt pavers
  • Hinged working equipment
  • Construction and special transport
  • Lifting equipment, cranes, conveyors
  • Spare parts and components for machines and mechanisms
  • Equipment and systems for demolition 
  • Technics for processing reinforced concrete
  • Equipment for piling works


Light and electrical products:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Electro adjusting products and accessories
  • Cable production
  • LED products
  • Lighting
  • Electricity meters



  • Living and upholstered furniture
  • Furniture for children
  • Furniture for offices, public institutions and shopping centres
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Luxury furniture
  • Fitted furniture
  • Outdoor and garden furniture
  • Exclusive furniture



  • Apartments and cottages repairing companies 
  • Design studio, design
  • Real estate agencies
  • Decor/Home textile
  • Smart home