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26th Azerbaijan International
Construction Exhibition

20 - 22 October 2021 Baku Expo Center

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BakuBuild - We get the best feedback from our partners
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We get the best feedback from our partners


Aleksandr Malakhov, Head of Marketing, Giraffe

- The Russian group of companies Giraffe, with its head office in Chelyabinsk, is a manufacturer of lifting equipment. Our crane equipment line includes top-mounted headless tower cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 8 to 16 tons, tower cranes with a head with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 10 tons, quick-mounted cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 5 tons, gantry loader cranes, bridge and gantry cranes for industrial enterprises, warehouse and terminal complexes. The company also produces special, complex and non-serial metal structures for various industries.

Giraffe companies are well known outside of Russia, including in Azerbaijan. Today in Baku, five units of our cranes operate at the Kristal Absheron construction sites. And I must note that we receive the best feedback from our partners.

This is the first time we are participating in BakuBuild. The exhibition meets our expectations and leaves the most positive impression. Having set the main goal of strengthening our positions in the construction market of Azerbaijan, we have gone even further and have established contacts with companies from other states that inspire good prospects. In particular, I can note that of the more than fifty noteworthy negotiations held in the first two days of the exhibition, about 30-40 percent were discussions on prospects for cooperation with representatives of Iran.

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